Artist Statement


My artwork is inspired on collage and old things like billboards that show the memory of different layers, striped doors that capture diverse textures, peeling walls that enclose variety of forms, and used objects that reflect time. Each one of these elements represents time and memory on space, as well as people leave footprints on our lives. I like to keep record of my ideas by sketching, taking pictures or keeping them on my mind. The combination of what inspires me and my memories are the perfect fusion to express the meaning of my art. There is a significant appreciation for the history of events and time in our lives.

When I am painting I seek to accomplish the creation of new backgrounds through different images, several layers of paint and the use of a contrast palette. My work is in continuous exploration of texture and combination of colors.
When I’m creating sculptures I think on the narrative between the materials that I choose to work on and the tools that I use. Every material has its own origin and it’s unimaginable to see its metamorphosis.


On the other hand, shooting pictures, takes me to a place where I am creating a story and I am part of it. Every image is hiding something special that catches me up and make me think again in the memories that we can keep in our souls.
My goal is to approach the relationship in my artwork and the recognition of each piece which also to merges individually as if it has its own soul. It is very interesting how each layer produces a history, how each stroke expresses a sign, every image is a memory and the combination of color and expression is the final result of an intensive search.